Ultra Flex II gold trowel Serafimov Systems 0.3 mm 36 cm with cork handle

High quality blade made of triple hardened "golden" stainless steel.

Ultra FLEX II Trowel Gold Edition 
14 inch x 0.3 mm Serafimov Systems

- Ergonomic Biko Cork Grip
- High Quality Stainless Steel Blade
- New High Secure Bond
- Rounded Edges
- Versatile Double Blade Technology

Super FLEXible 2nd Generation Trowels Serafimov Systems Ultra Flex II 16 inch Gold Trowels are a premium quality plaster finishing trowel with an improved high strength bond that fuses a 0.3 mm blade to the bracket. This specially engineered bonding tape is purposely built to resist extreme temperatures and solvents.   Systems Ultra Flex II plaster finishing trowel specification Blade size: 16 x 4". Better out of the box performance Hardened 0.3mm stainless steel blade. Lightly rounded edges Dual-blade technology Secure high strength bond Super lightweight aluminium mounting High strength bolts BiKo handle for grip and comfort Made in EC. Better trowelling out of the box 16in Ultra FLEX 2 trowels have corners and blades specifically designed to ensure that the trowel is better to use straight out of its box. The result is that when you are plastering with this SERAFIMOV SYSTEMS ULTRA FLEX II trowel you can make burr-free fillings and achieve a professional quality finish 1st time.

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