Telescopic extension for plastering knife DeWALT 95 cm 160 cm

Telescopic extension for plastering knife, suitable for all sizes of plastering knives DeWALT-code 2-942.

Teleskopichen-udaljitel-DEWALT-37inch-63inch.jpg DEWALT-teleskopichen-udaljitel-37inch-63inch.jpg
DeWALT Telescopic extension for plastering knife 37 '' - 63 '' / 95 cm - 160 cm - code 2-942.

- Universal telescopic extension, suitable for all sizes of DeWALT plastering knives.

- Made of fiberglass for incredible strength and increased durability.

- Extremely light and comfortable to work with.

- Quick and easy installation of the knife, as well as quick release for changes in the handle.

- It has an adjusting screw that allows the handle to be adjusted at any angle.

- With the universal extension you will have greater productivity, because it allows you not to use stairs and scaffolding.

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