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LEVEL5 large spatula with rubberized handle 16 inch 406 mm

LEVEL5 Spatula - code 5-198.



LEVEL5 putties have a patented design, extremely light, comfortable and high quality, with a lifetime warranty!
They have a high-quality precision stainless steel blade that is mirror polished for easy cleaning.
They are made of first-class stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
LEVEL5 Professional spatula large with rubberized handle 16 '' / 406 mm - code 5-198:
- Precise flex for a better finish;
- With a larger blade that holds more mixture;
- Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue and comfortable for all-day use;
- Lightweight rubberized handle, impact resistant, double nailed to the back surface of the knife for extra strength;


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