High Pressure Washer UNIJET E 200JET (21L)

Professional High Pressure Washer UNIJET E 200JET, electric engine 380 V 7.5 Kw/10.1 hp, max.pressure 200 bar, 21L/min.

Professional High Pressure Washer UNIJET E 200JET, 200 bar, 21 L/min. 
Unijet waterjetting applications up to 200 Bar
• Cleaning of buildings of dirt, mud, dust etc
• Surface cleaning, rock and marble cleaning , sidewalk, equipment and machinery
washing, car washing 

Technical Description:
Model: Jet E200 21
Maximum working pressure: 200 bar
Maximum flow: 21 lit/min
Engine: Electric 380V
Engine performance: 10.1 hp / 7.5 kW
Water Pump: Interpump
Standard equipment:
• 10m high pressure hose
• High pressure gun
• High pressure lance
• Waterjetting nozzle flat jet
• Manual and book service

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