Airless Paint Sprayers SERAFIMOV SYSTEMS HSP3891

Airless Paint Sprayers, SERAFIMOV SYSTEMS HSP3891, SMARTCONTROL, PISTON PUMP WITH STATIC SEALS, for airless application of latex, primers

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 Airless Paint Sprayer Serafimov Systems HSP3891 Piston pump

Еlectronic pressure control (Smartcontrol) 

* Voltage / Frequency:220-240V / 50Hz 
* Permanent magnet Motor for this airless sprayer: 900w 
* Pressure adjustabel from 0 to Max 220bar / 3050psi
* Nozzle size: 0.013”, 0.015", 0.017", 0.019", 0.021" (513,515,517,519, 521 airless tips)
* Max. tip size: 0.021" (621 airless tip)  
* Delivery volume of HSP3890 airless sprayer: 2.2 L / min 
* For Paint viscosity: medium to high viscosity
* Length of high pressure hose in the package:15M
* Maximum length of the hose: 30 meters
* Working pressure for hose:220bar
* Burst pressure for hose:350bar
* HSP3890 weight:N.W.:14.5 KGS 
Full Spare Parts Back-Up
Full Range of Accessories Available for this Machine
Full 360 degree swivel built into the gun handle
All machines are run & tested before being sold to maintain the highest standard of quality
Suitable for domestic repainting of acrylic water based paints & oil based enamels.
An additional 15m of hose can be added for painting roofs.
1 x PS 501 Systems Airless Spray Gun 
1 x 517 Airless Tip
1 x Nozzle Holder
1 x 15m 350 bar Paint Hose
1 x User manual
Base coats
Clear coats
Solvent based paint
Water-based paint
Varnish primers
Warranty is limited to 12 Months for commercial painters
* New designed piston pump airless sprayer with 2.2L big output, and strong power. 
* Equipped with electronical / microprocessor pressure controlling for easy pressure adjusting and control.
* The fluid pump, piston rod, v-packing set, pressure sensor etc. are compatible with original 495 sprayers. 
* The pump manifold will always supply constant pressure without pulsation. 
* Attached with digital screen pressure gage for easy pressure reading 
* The airless sprayer Equipped with 900w  motor, piston fluid pump, airless spray gun, replaceable 517 (0.017") spray tip, 15M high pressure hose, lubricating oil, wrench tool set, . 
* You can use your hammer to unscrew the fluid pump for easily changing the packing set, And also you could easily take out / clean the manifold filter without tool, just with your hand.
* This airless sprayer is suitable for many kinds of colorant, varnish, Lacquers & Stains, Medium to high viscosity water-based latex paint,and some oil-based primer, enamel, waterborne, colorant, acrylic, emulsions, varnish, etc. 
* This piston pump sprayer is for Medium to large size indoor / outdoor wall painting, decoration,repaint, construction, building, light commercial painting etc
* 1-year warranty for this design professional airless sprayer system.

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Comment by | Rating: 5 from 5 | Date: 16.12.2017
Бояджия съм и работя с машина за боядисване 3891. Много съм доволен, не хабя материал и време. Супер машина!
Comment by | Rating: 5 from 5 | Date: 16.10.2015
Работя много бързо и качествено, откакто го правя с машина за боядисване 3891. Купувам си допълнително само дюзи. Няма по-добра инвестиция!
Comment by | Rating: 5 from 5 | Date: 16.12.2014
Купихме за фирмата поредна машина от Серафимов Системс. Много сме доволни, никога не сме подведени в избора си, получаваме професионални съвети и сме благодарни, че ви има на българския пазар. Продължавайте все така!
Comment by | Rating: 5 from 5 | Date: 23.04.2014
Работя с тази машина за боядисване и искам да кажа на всички колеги, че тази машина е много добра. Не спирам да боядисвам, а и не работя само аз с нея.