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Manufacturer: IMER GROUP

IMER AIRONE 200 N is an electric hoist that allows lifting bulky materials up to a maximum capacity of 200 kg.AIRONE 200 N is suitable for construction sites up to 30m high. It has a stretchable frame up to 1100mm. Loading it to its maximum capacity, there is no danger and risk of impact on the structures. Standard equipment:Single phase 230 V

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Manufacturer: LEVEL 5

DESCRIPTION:LEVEL 5 tray 14 '' / 356 mm - code 5-334.- Made of high quality polished stainless steel;- Has a curved bottom for greater comfort;- Convenient to grip;- Extremely easy to clean.

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Manufacturer: IMER GROUP

IMER ET 150 N is suitable for construction sites up to 40 m high.Construction hoist IMER ET 150 N allows lifting bulky and heavy materials to great heights without the risk of impact on structures.Standard equipment:Single-phase electric motor 230 V / 50 Hz;IP 67 plug;Positioning lever;Predisposition to use strollers;Deflection brake motor;Direct c

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Manufacturer: LEVEL 5

LEVEL 5 Drywall Finishing Hawk.OVERVIEW:The patent-pending LEVEL 5 Drywall Finishing Hawk features a hard coat, non-stick finish that is easy to clean, wear and corrosion resistant.Your trowel/knife will glide across the surface making it the smoothest hawk you’ve ever used.The LEVEL 5 Hawk features a 13” X 13”/ 33 cm x 33 cm squa

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Manufacturer: AEROPRO

High Pressure Airless Piston Pump AeroPro R470.TECHNICAL DATA:Voltage/Frequency:220-240V/50HZMotor Size:950WMax Pressure:3300PSIStandard nozzle Size:517Spraying Width:310-400mmFlow rate:2.5 L/minLength of high pressure hose:15mMax. pressure for the hose:83Mpa MATERIALS:AcrylicsBase coatsClear coatsEmulsionsLacquersLatexPrimersS

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Manufacturer: DeWALT

DESCRIPTION:Professional DeWALT spatula with rubberized handle 8 '' / 204 mm - code 2-144.- DeWALT putties have a patented design, extremely light, comfortable and high quality, with a lifetime warranty;- High quality precision stainless steel blade, which is mirror polished for easy cleaning;- They are made of first-class stainless steel for corro

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Manufacturer: LEVEL 5

LEVEL5 12/14" 0.4mm Ultra Flex Trowels & 13" Hawk Set.Featuring flat, 12" and 14" 0.4mm blades. DRYWALL FINISHING HAWKThe patent-pending LEVEL5 Drywall Finishing Hawk features a hard coat, non-stick finish that is easy to clean, wear and corrosion resistant. Your trowel/knife will glide across the surface making it the

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DESCRIPTION:Machine for plasters and textures Serafimov Systems PS-700-C.Set with 4-piston maintenance-free oil-free compressor.Maximum grain size 4 mm.Works with ready and pre-mixed dry mixtures: putties, textures, plasters / fire protection, mineral, silicone, silicate, decorative, lime, gypsum and arc /, waterproofing, impregnators, contact prim

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Manufacturer: DeWALT

DESCRIPTION:DeWALT Telescopic extension set for plastering knife / 95 cm - 160 cm / with adapter.

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Manufacturer: LEVEL 5

 DESCRIPTION:LEVEL 5 Drywall Skimming Blades are designed for plastering gypsum plasterboard joints and complete plastering of walls for perfect smoothing.With high-quality 0.3 mm, high-precision blades that are replaceable in case of wear or damage, made of stainless steel, with aluminum profile.They are suitable for use even in ext

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