Машина за пътна маркировка CMC AR30ITPP

Пътно-маркировъчна машина за полагане на пътна маркировка CMC AR30ITPP- бутална помпа за безвъздушно нанасяне на пътно-маркировъчни бои


Машина за пътна маркировка CMC AR30ITPP Airless Бутална помпа.

МАТЕРИАЛИ: monocomponent not refractive paints (=without premixed glass beads) solvent based or waterborne paints, paints with specific formulation for airless machines with 70-75 KU viscosity at 20⁰C. Solvent based or waterborne epoxy paints. Polyurethane paints 
ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ: markings on concrete surfaces. For small road marking jobs, parking lots, sports fields, cycle lanes. Jobs involving frequent colour changes
Dimensions: 165x60x h105 cm
Weight: 265 Kg
-power 7 HP
-electric starting
Hydraulic drive with:
-2 motors directly coupled on rear wheels
-control for forward, reverse and neutral gear
-VARIABLE-FLOW PUMP: guarantees more safety for operator and
better performance. Allows to overcome steep slopes
Swivel front wheel. It can be locked or unlocked during the work by a
pneumatic control on dashboard
Plastic container for paint: capacity 30 l.
Container is replaceable with paint bucket
Airless hydraulic piston pump:
-max. vol. flow 6,17 l/min
-flow air rate 215 l/min
Automatic paint gun. Standard nozzle for 10-20 cm
line. (Line width can be ranged from 5 cm to 30 cm
by changing nozzle and adjusting gun height)
Gun support with wheel: to follow the road.
(Support can be replaced with pneumatic support.
Look at optional)
High-pressure paint filter
(achievable only with proper optional equipment
- Light, for night works
- Turning light, for a better visibility of operator on the street
- Electronic spacing device C8000:
 8 programs storable
 control: upto 3 guns with only one program
 alarm when speed is outside the range of minimum/maximum speed set
 data recorded for each gun: total solid line metres
 total data recorded for machine: total driven Km
- Electronic controller and spacing device C9000:
 10 programs storable
 control: upto 3 guns with 3 different programs simultensously; glass bead delay for each gun; up to 2 airless pumps
with possibility to compare pressures and ratio (e.g. ratio 50:50 or 98:2)
 display of effective applied thickness (avergae every 250 m), with alarm when the speed of application is not
compatible with thickness set
 alarm setting for: delta pressure between 2 pumps, zero pressure, pump not working
 data recorded for each gun: applied thickness in micron; total working hours; total driven metres; total solid line
metres; total empty space metres; total sprayed paint
 data recorded for each pump: total number of pump cycles
 total data recorded for machine: total working hours, total driven metres; total driven Km; total sprayed paint; total
hours and pump cycles
 daily report, downloadable with USB stick. Storable capacity 7 days. Thickness applied each minute (with date and time)
- Trailer with standing driver
- Second automatic paint gun with independent control, to stripe 50 cm or 2 lines at the same time (for example continuous
line + skip line)
- Pneumatic support for paint gun (one disc), to keep automatic gun always at the same distance from ground, ensuring
constant width of the line
- Manual paint gun-short with 10 m hose, for stenciling (SUGGESTED OPTIONAL)
- Manual paint gun -long (with extension 45 cm) with 10 m hose, for stenciling without bending and standing farther from paint
- Glass bead system (SUGGESTED OPTIONAL) consisting of:
 glass bead tank. Available: - gravity glass bead tank, capacity 15 l
- pressurized glass bead tank capacity 15,5 l
 automatic glass bead gun with adjustable diffuser
 closing delay regulator for bead gun
- Second automatic glass bead gun with independent delay regulator.
Attention: it can be used only if striper is equipped with optional pressurized Glass bead system
- Manual glass bead gun with air hose and bead hose, for bead application on stenciling.
Attention: it can be used only if striper is equipped with optional pressurized Glass bead system
We suggest to complete the machine equipment with:
- nozzle for line width 5 cm
- nozzle for line width 30 cm
- nozzle for surfaces, advised for stenciling (crosswalk, symbols, legends, stops, …).



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